Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day in Antwerp

Greg was our tour guide today. He drove us to Antwerp, which took about 30 minutes from their home in Brussels. We walked the many streets, including the red light district. Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium and it is considered to be a fashion leader in Europe. The shopping is endless with stores featuring all of the top designers and many fancy boutiques.

We visited the famous artist Charles Reubens' house, which has been converted to a museum. In it, we found his amazing collection of paintings and sculptures created by other well known artists. His property also included a wonderful garden complete with marble sculptures and a fountain.

Thanks for reading ... we've enjoyed getting your comments.

We are off to Paris tomorrow.

We stopped for a beer in the Markt (the town square)... this picture was taken for Chris' benefit!

Antwerp has many charming streets... notice the cathedral in the background.

Andy enjoyed his seafood lunch at Horta Restaurant (named after the famous architect).

We visited the Reubens Museum ... this is the garden courtyard.

One of the many sculptures located in the garden at Reubens Museum.


Anonymous said...

We are loving all the updates on your trip and check it daily. We are so excited to see what an amazing trip you are having, definately the trip of a lifetime! Hope Andy had a great birthday.

Enjoy every minute in Paris, we are envious! Love, Maggie

Anonymous said...

Andy has already experienced a touch of the UK, specifically London proper and outlying communities. I am so pleased, Jennifer , that you are also having this opportunity. To think Canadians consider some of their cities, furniture etc. as being "old" and "antique". Not so, relative to what you see in Europe. Have a fantastic time in Paris. Hopefully you will have more than just one day there. MJ

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Jennifer;
I just looked through your blog of the trip so far...WOW!! It looks and sounds fantastic..not to mention your accomodations seem to be 5 star or more. Brussels looks beautiful..enjoy!! I have never been but it looks like it should be on the list of "must see".You will love Paris..walk until you drop!!
Have fun. What a great blog!!

hj said...

The museun looks so gorgeous!
I also check your travel blog daily like other people. :)
Have a great time.

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