Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Last Lazy Day

Waking up to an overcast and rainy morning, Jennifer and I decided to stick close to the house. We started the day off with a leisurely swim in the pool, then had a wonderful lunch upstairs on our own. There was a working lunch taking place in the dining room, so we tried to stay out of sight.

Following lunch, the clouds broke, so Greg decided that the three of us should go into the heart of Brussels one last time to see a few more of the sights. We wandered for several hours up and down some great streets and alleys, stopping repeatedly at outdoor cafes to keep our fluid levels up. When beer and coffee are cheaper than water, it makes ordering a very difficult process :-)

This evening, we had a lovely formal dinner with some VIP guests, then Jennifer and I entertained Rufus with a great game of catch. Although he's still a puppy, he's about 30 kg. and has far more stamina than the two of us put together.

Tomorrow we're off to see the city of Maastricht, just across the border in the Netherlands. Our last full day in Europe should be interesting.

Until then, thanks for reading :-)

We were served a terrific lunch on our own in the family study.

Ross recommended that we visit the carrier pigeon memorial in Brussels... here it is :-)

Another of the many cartoon murals featured around the city... this one featuring the 'Mannekin Pis' ;-)

The back yard of the house where Rufus, a flat coat retriever, loves to retrieve balls thrown deep into the yard.

After a long run and a rousing game of catch, Rufus is taking a little break :-)

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HJ said...

30kg for a puppy! Suddenly Rufus makes Hunt look better. :) I picked him up from the Kennel last weekend. He just fell asleep right after he got home and slept almost 2 days straight. I guess "Home sweet home" goes for everyone. Anyway, glad to see you guys having a great last moment there. Enjoy every minute of it.

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