Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Over the Hills and Through the Woods

We slept in this morning ...bit of a late night visiting with Greg. Today, we decided to take the bikes out to see the forest where Greg takes Rufus (his retriever) every day. I believe the forest is the world's largest urban forest. In many areas, we found the trails to be well groomed and maintained.

One of the quadrants that we rode through was an arborium (trees grown from West Coast North America, East Coast North America, Asia and Europa) . We recognized a whole grove of Monkey Puzzle Trees, which MJ knows are my favorite trees on the west coast.

There were a lot of elevation changes because all of Belgium was built on ancient sand dunes. We were out for about 2.5 hours and I've included some pictures from our travels.

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Our cycling path with a canopy of beach trees.

We found these interesting rocks in a clearing.

Man-made pond built over 100 years ago.

Congo Museum built by King Leopold II.


DMc said...

Some great photos & video so far. Thanks.
I've heard that it pays to tip the driver/chauffeur.

Jennifer L said...

Jennifer, this looks beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful time!!

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